How to shipping to overseas( This is not a product, for description )
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How to shipping to overseas( This is not a product, for description )




【 ※this site does not support overseas shipping 】 The some products posted on this site can be shipped overseas, so please contact us product you want to buy and deliver from the "contact" page. (We may refuse delicate items that are likely to be damaged.) You are responsible for the shipping fee and handling fee. shipping method:EMS ,by JAPAN POST shipping fee:Depends on the all weight after packing(Follow the rules of JAPAN POST) Payment Method:Using paypal handling fee for overseas : About 5-7% of all payment 【 About Price 】 There are differences between the price  amount to charge you and the price on this website.(It will be a little cheaper) The price on this website contains consumption tax because this website for domestic only. 【About custom duty】 In addition to the amount I charge, there is a customs duty on receiving packages from overseas.The recipient will need to pay the customs duty. (The rules vary from country to country, so I don't know how much it will cost. I'm sorry, but please check for yourself.) 【In case of item breaks】 Only product fee and fee for overseas will be refunded unfortunately there is no compensation for shipping. 【Packing method】 As a measure against damage, corrugated cardboard of different sizes is double-packed, and about 5 cm of packing material is packed between them. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.